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Maintaining the strictest levels of hygiene is our number one priority at Piercing Planet.

At Piercing Planet we comply with all Government  Standards as a minimum and maintain the highest level of hygiene standards within the industry.  Sterile, safe technique and hygiene are paramount and normal procedure within our Studio.  

Our piercing studios were custom built from scratch to Local Government’s stringent specifications.

This means you are being pierced in modern rooms which facilitate the highest level of infection control standards. 

We proudly display our Personal Appearance Service Licence (Body Piercing) within our Studio.

Body Piercers

All of our Body Piercers are fully qualified  and extensively trained.  All Piercers have obtained their Infection Control Certificates as required under our Personal Appearance Service Licence (Body Piercing) and these certificates are displayed within the Studio for you to view.  Our piercers have been carefully selected to offer you the best and most comfortable piercing experience. 

Our piercer’s main priorities are:

  1. Maintain the highest level of hygiene at all times
  2. Provide a service which delivers a professional piercing  experience for the customer.
  3. Listen to the customer
  4. Ensure comfort of the customer
  5. Be available to discuss any aspect of the piercing with the customer


All of our equipment is new and modern, ensuring the best level of protection for you and our piercers.

Most of our equipment is single use.  That means it is taken out of a sterile package right in front of you and then when used on you it is disposed of, never to be used again.  Some equipment, such as clamps, are washed down and autoclaved (sterilised) to government medical industry standard after each use.  All of our needles are single use for your protection.

Our autoclave machine which does the medical grade sterilisation is regularly validated by outside professionals to further ensure your complete protection. 

All needles, equipment and jewellery used for your piercing is displayed in front of you in all their individual sterile pouches.  These pouches are then opened and the items are removed right in front of you so as you are assured that all equipment and jewellery used in your piercing is sterile and 100% safe.  We have procedures in place that enable us to track every piece of equipment and jewellery used for a particular customer for many years after you have had your piercing performed.

We are very proud of the level of hygiene maintained within the studios and are more than happy to discuss any aspect of sterilisation when you get your piercing.